Friday, 10 February 2017

Aston Abbotts Village Hall News - February 2017

Aston Abbotts Village Hall news – February 2017

The works

Hope you agree it’s looking better all the time! The floor is drying, and the builders are working on the access ramp. We are busy now with getting the best deals we can for the interior fittings. The flooring will go down in February, and we’ll be looking for some good weather for the exterior decoration.


We won’t be open in February, as I optimistically thought when doing the January Chronicle update; we are now thinking regular bookings from April. Please let Tracy know if you want to make a provisional booking for March. We hope to hold an “open afternoon” for villagers in the second half of March, and a formal ceremony later, on Saturday 20 May, when we will invite our funders.


The raffle just before Christmas made us just over £1,000, so a very big thank you to anyone who bought tickets at an expensive time of year. We should now be able to complete the work without borrowing, which is fantastic. Val Smith won the hamper, John Abel Smith dinner for two at the Royal Oak, and Paul Williams the whisky. Full list of winners from Nigel on request.


We are very grateful to Chris Looker, who has offered us 60 chairs unwanted by one of his London business clients. Since the furniture fund is still a bit low, this will give us a breathing space so we will buy new tables first.

Vale Lottery

I’m delighted to say that four of our supporters have now won cash prizes! Please buy your tickets from our page if you fancy a flutter.  The hall gets 50% of the value of tickets that you buy so here’s that link again:

Caroline Lane – Aston Abbotts Village Hall trustees

Aston Abbotts Village Hall Trustees group: Caroline Lane (Chair), Liz Hall (Secretary), Nigel Palmer (Treasurer), Peter Shorrock, John Whyte, Kevin Copping. Email: