Sunday, 12 October 2014

Aston Abbotts Village Plan

The Aston Abbotts Village Plan can now be accessed from the Aston Abbotts website by clicking here or going to the Information section on the Links page. It requires Acrobat Reader.

The Plan was produced by a steering group made up of representatives living in the Village.
The group were as follows:

    Bob Carvey
    Kate Curry
    Dickie Dicken
    Peter Ellwood
    Marcus Hall
    Judy Hardcastle
    James Perkins
    Peter Shorrock

The Aston Abbotts Village Plan has been produced with guidance from Community Impact Bucks and the ACRE Community Led Planning Toolkit.

Aston Abbotts Fireworks 2014

Bernard Osborn 1927-2014

We were saddened to hear that Bernard Osborn passed away on September 18th 2014 at the age of 87.

Bernard Osborn was born and grew up Aston Abbotts. Although he 'emigrated' to Cublington when he married, he continued to run Osborn's shop in Aston Abbotts until it closed in 2005.

You can read an interview with Bernard that first appeared in the Aston Abbotts Chronicle in Autumn 2000 here. It gives an insight into how life used to be in Aston Abbotts when Osborn's shop was still open.